Smart Measurement Magnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flow Meters

Electromagnetic flowmeters, also known as magnetic flow meters or simply mag meters, offer a number of practical advantages over traditional flow metering technologies which employ mechanical measuring techniques.

The simple construction of our electromagnetic flow meters is the key to these advantages. A SmartMeasurement magnetic flow meter does not contain any moving parts, rotating gears or turbines, or bearings. Instead, it relies on two electrodes to measure the density of the induced magnetic field that results from an electrically conductive fluid, such as water, flowing through a pipe. The density of the magnetic field is directly proportional to the fluid velocity of the flowing liquid.

For a more detailed discussion of the operating principle of our electromagnetic flow meter designs, please visit our Magnetic Measuring Principle page.

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High Precision Mag Meter Technology

Specific advantages that our magnetic flow meter technology provides include:

  • High accuracy
  • Low cost
  • Little to no pressure loss
  • Readings that are unaffected by changes in density or viscosity
  • No susceptibility to bearing wear or other mechanical wear-and-tear issues

Because the only wetted components in a SmartMeasurement electromagnetic flow meter are the electrodes and the liner, these components can be fabricated from a variety of materials to make the mag meter compatible with virtually any electrically conductive fluid, including aggressive acids.

The only real limitation of the electromagnetic flow meter is that the measured fluid media must be electrically conductive (> 5μS/cm). Non-conductive fluids, such as oil and other petroleum-based fluids, cannot be measured with mag meter technology.

Magnetic Flow Meter Options

SmartMeasurement offers a comprehensive line of magnetic flow meters, including:

  • General purpose mag meter
  • Battery-powered mag meter
  • High pressure mag meter
  • Mag meter with integrated BTU measurement
  • Ceramic-lined mag meter
  • Insertion mag meter

This wide array of product offerings allows users to select a SmartMeasurement magnetic flow meter for applications in many different industries, from factory automation and food and beverage processing to mining, municipal/wastewater treatment, and pulp and paper production.

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Technology Model/
Gas Flow Liquid Flow Steam Flow Line Size Temperature Pressure Viscosity Accuracy Considerations
Magnetic ALMAG
Conductive fluids ONLY

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Magnetic Flow Meters

ALMAG Family
Technology Model Line Sizes Pressures Temperatures Process Connections Accuracy Outputs Special Features Approvals Display Types
Process Industry

General Purpose Mag Meter


 ⅜"-110"     (6-2800mm) 580 psig (4.0Mpa) for line sizes up to 3" (80 mm) 5~+160 °F( -20~ +70 °C) - Integral,(-40 ~ +360°F (180°C) - Remote Wafer, ANSI or DIN Flanges, Insertion-Type

std - ±0.5%
opt - ±0.2%

Pulse, 4-20mA, MODBUS, HART Conductivity > 5 µS/cm, velocity 0.2 - 12 m/s CE, ExdIIBT3~T6 (ATEX) Integral and Remote

Battery-Powered Mag Meter


⅛" - 24" (3-600mm) 580 psig (4.0Mpa) for line sizes up to 3" (80 mm) Up to 300 °F (150 °C), dependent upon selected liner material ANSI or DIN Flanges ±0.5%, Pulse, 4-20mA, RS485, HART Battery Powered (3.6 VDC) CE, ExdIIBT3~T6 Integral


Energy/BTU Mag Meter


⅛" - 24" (3-600mm) 580 psig (4.0Mpa) for line sizes up to 3" (80 mm) Up to 300 °F (150 °C), dependent upon selected liner material ANSI or DIN Flanges ±0.5% Pulse, 4-20mA, RS485 BUT, Energy Calculation CE, ExdIIBT3~T6 Integral and Remote

High Pressure

High Pressure Mag Meter


1" - 8"
(25-200 mm)
6000 psig (42Mpa) - for all available sizes Up to 300 °F (150 °C), dependent upon selected liner material ANSI or DIN Flanges std - ±0.5%,
opt - ±0.2%
Pulse, 4-20mA, RS485, HART Designed for high pressure applications - 6000 psig  (42 Mpa) CE, ExdIIBT3~T6 (CQST) Integral and Remote


Insertion-Style Mag Meter


12" - 120"
(300-3000 mm)
230 PSIG
(16 barg)
160 °F
(70 °C)
ANSI or DIN Flanges ±2.5% Pulse, 4-20mA, RS485, HART Insertion meter designed for large pipes CE Integral and Remote

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