Smart Measurement Mass Flowmeter

Mass Flow Measurement

Most traditional flow metering technologies, such as turbine meters or positive displacement meters, employ volumetric techniques. This means that the meter output or displayed value on the screen is in volumetric units of measure, such as GPM or LPM. There are a number of flow measurement applications that require the flow rate to be measured in mass units, including chemical mixing/batching, custody transfer, and emissions monitoring. Making use of volumetric flowmeters in these applications can prove to be challenging because converting the volumetric units to mass units requires the volumetric reading to multiplied by a media density value. For liquid fluid media, the density value changes with temperature; for gas media the density changes with both temperature and pressure. The changing density leads to inaccuracy when volumetric meters are applied in these situations. Mass Flowmeters solve this problem by providing a direct mass flow reading which is immune to changes in process temperature and pressure.  

SmartMeasurement offers two Mass Flowmeter technologies. The ALCM Series of Coriolis Mass flowmeters is ideal for liquid flow measuring applications and is available for line sizes ranging from ½” through 8” and flow rates ranging from 150 to 1,000,000 kg/hr. For compressed gas applications, the ATMF line of Thermal Mass flowmeters is available in both in-line and insertion versions to accommodate line sizes ranging from ¼” to over 30”.