Smart Measurement Vortex Flowmeter

Vortex Measuring Overview

Vortex meters are one of the few flow measuring technologies that can measure all three phases of a fluid; gas, liquid and steam.  This technology provides a cost-effective, reliable, low maintenance solution for many flow measurement applications. It has no moving parts, therefore no routine maintenance or cleaning is required. The vortex flowmeter can measure also measure wet and/or dirty gases. Vortex flow sensing technology relies on measuring the number of vortex pulses generated by a bluff body immersed in the flow stream. A bluff body is machined inside the vortex flow meter; as flow pass through this bluff body, vortices are generated in either side of the bluff body. The flow rate can be determined by measuring the number of vortices.  For a more detailed discussion of the principle of operation, please go to:

The design of SmartmeasurementTM‘ s ALVT vortex flowmeter allows for extremely wide turndowns while maintaining an almost unlimited upper end as well as a high pressure rating.   The ALVT can be configured in inline styles with both NPT and flanged connections or as an insertion meter with optional hot-tapped ball valve mounting for installation and/or removal of the instrument without shutting down the process.  Our ALVT-MASS multivariable vortex flow meter incorporates an RTD temperature sensor and a solid state pressure transducer that allows the mass flow rate of steam, gases and liquids to be measured and displayed directly on the meter’s display. Please see the Vortex flowmeter matrix below to view all available options.