Finetek Bargraph Digital Display Panel Meter

PB/PM Series Bargraph_Digital display Panel Meter

PB/PM Series is a product line of panel meters including bargraph and/or digital displays. A variety of input types are available, including 2-wire analog input (transmitter power supply included as standard). These panel meters are cost-effective, packed full of features and easy to install and setup.

PB/PM series panel meters include bargraph and/or digital display units. Using microprocessor based electronics, modular design concepts, advanced digital calibration and switching power supply technology the PB/PM panel meters are available with a wide range of input types. For 2-wire loop powered analog inputs the PB/PM units provide the necessary transmitter power supply built-in to the panel meters. Single or dual input, the PB/PM panel meters are full-featured, easy to read and install. Options include up to 8 relay outputs, retransmission analog output, RS485 MODBUS serial link and a 20-point non-linear tank volume conversion function. Sizes include 3/16 and 1/8 DIN. The PB/PM panel meters are high value and packed full of great features!