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Cone Flow Meters are designed to measure the volume flow of liquids, steam and gases according to the differential pressure principle. A conical flow element is placed in the centre of a pipe line, in which the fluid to be measured is passing through. With a tap in front (flow direction) of the flow element the pipe pressure (static pressure) is measured. Passing by the element, the flow velocity raises and generates an under-pressure behind the cone, where the second tap is located. The two measured pressure values are to be compared. The outcome is called “differential pressure”. With this differential pressure now the flow can be calculated.

Main Features

  • Cone Flow Meters can be used in a great variety of applications: liquids, gases, steam, slurries etc.
  • High accuracy (+/- 0,5 % of the measured value) is achievable
  • Wide Turndown Ratio: 10:1
  • Minimal in- and outlet requirements, provided by a pipe run.
  • Low pressure loss
  • Self-cleaning (due to the form of the cone behind the flow element a partial vacuum is generated, which avoids abrasion on the flow element.

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