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Area Velocity Open Channel Ultrasonic Meter


SmartMeasurement’s ALSONIC-AVM system is an area-velocity meter that is used in conjunction with a user-supplied level transmitter to measure flow rates in open channels. The ALSONIC-AVM consists of an advanced DSP-based flow computer and four transducers. It uses the transit time difference of ultrasonic sound pulses to measure the open channel flow velocity. The ultrasonic pulses are transmitted upstream and downstream across the channel at an angle α between the flow direction and the sonic wave path, with the difference in the sonic wave’s transit time being directly proportional to the liquid velocity. The ALSONIC-AVM may be used in rectangular, circular, trapezoidal or other shaped channels. Since the transducers create almost no restriction, virtually no head loss is created. The advanced DSP-based flow computer with cross-correlation and FFT technology allows this system to work in the most difficult applications, including those involving liquids with high concentrations of suspended solids & air or a large noise component.

  • Color graphic LCD display 128x64 for flow rate, total flow & signal shape
  • 32 Mbyte datalogger; up to 200,000 data fields
  • No-moving-parts design creates no pressure loss
  • Velocities from 0.03 ~ 40 feet/sec (0.01 ~ ± 12 m/s)
  • Any liquids containing ≤ 30% suspended solids, including waste water
  • High open-channel accuracy; ±2.0% of reading
  • Oscilloscope function for diagnostics
  • AR (Anti-Round) Mode (patent pending)
  • Fine Time Measurement Technology (Patented)
  • Data logger function; includes date, totalizer, diagnostics
  • Response time less than 1 second

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