Density measurement in mud tanks


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Mud tanks

Density measurement in mud tanks

Density measurement in mud tanks
Differential pressure
Density measurement in mud tanks

Process data

Measuring task
Density measurement
Measuring point
Measuring range up to
0.8 g/cm3 … 2.5 g/cm3
Mud (drilling mud)
Process temperature
0 … +90 °C
Process pressure
0 … +5 bar
Special challenges


Prior to, and during pumping into the well, the density of the mud needs continuous monitoring. Density is an important criteria for determining the correct composition of the drilling mud. The correct mud formulation ensures smooth forward propulsion, wear-free drilling and excellent sealing of the borehole is ensured through density monitoring.

Your benefit

Secure sealing of the borehole
Cost effective
Ensures continuous bore head operation
User friendly
Wear and maintenance-free measurement

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Density measurement in mud tanks

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