Level measurement in propane bullets


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Propane bullets

Level measurement in propane bullets

Level measurement in propane bullets

Process data

Measuring task
Level measurement
Measuring point
Bullet tank
Measuring range up to
4 m
Liquid propane
Process temperature
-40 … +50 °C
Process pressure
+3 … +10 bar
Special challenges
Low dielectric constant


Propane, a flammable, colourless and odourless gas, is one of the many types of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) that exist. It is produced from natural gas via a special refining process. Propane is compressed, liquefied and stored in pressure vessels so that it does not return to a gaseous state. To ensure optimal storage, reliable level measurement is required.

Your benefit

Redundant measurement increases plant availability and plant safety
Cost effective
Maintenance-free operation
User friendly
Easy installation and setup

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Level measurement in propane bullets

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