Level measurement in the dewatering column


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Dewatering column

Level measurement in the dewatering column

Level measurement in the dewatering column

Process data

Measuring task
Level measurement
Measuring point
Dewatering column
Measuring range up to
2 m
Waste oil
Process temperature
+20 … +105 °C
Process pressure
0 … +1 barbar
Special challenges
Turbulent surface due to pump action and heating, fluctuating medium properties, deposits and buildup


The waste oil is heated to a temperature of 105 °C in the lower section of the column. Here, the water evaporates and is pumped away after it condenses. After reaching the appropriate temperature, the oil is transported through pipes to the upper part of the column, where the remaining water vaporises. For optimal dewatering, a defined level is required in the column. As the oil surface is very turbulent due to the action of pumps and heating, making level measurement directly inside the column practically impossible. For that reason it is done in a bypass tube.

Your benefit

Reliable measurement enables dependable operation of the column
Cost effective
Optimal dewatering performance through defined level
User friendly
Measurement independent of medium properties

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Level measurement in the dewatering column

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