Radar sensor detects level in rain overflow basin


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Reliable operation even with heavy rain

Radar sensor detects level in rain overflow basin


Process data

Rainwater overflow basin
Measuring height
approx. 6 m
Process temperature
Ambient temperature
Ex Area, Zone 1


A municipal wastewater association operates several underground rainwater overflow basins. These are relief structures for combined stormwater and sanitary sewage handling especially during heavy rain. They have a drain leading to the treatment plant and an overflow to surface waters. The stored contents can be forwarded to the wastewater treatment plant later as needed. To optimally exploit the capacity of the overflow basins, the gates in the sewer network must be intelligently controlled. This requires reliable and accurate measurement of the levels in the individual basins. The measuring system must be submersible, maintenance-free and easy to install.

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Radar sensor detects level in rain overflow basin

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