FS 510M/FS 600E flow switch for bulk materials

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FS 510M/FS 600E flow switch for bulk materials


The measurement procedure of the FlowSwitch 510M is based on the physical principle of the Doppler-Effect. Therefore the sensor sends out a microwave field. If solids move through this field, the microwaves are reflected and received by the sensor again. This is converted into a switching process. All parameters, like sensitivity, damping, filter time and hysteresis are freely adjustable and, can be configured, due to the bargraph, with an exact value. This enables a variable determination of the switching point resp. a switching process for different mass flows. The installation can be carried out within pipes, on conveying belts, on fall plates, chutes or at similar transport facilities. The assembly is simply, economical and easy also afterwards possible.


  • Reliable, contactless microwave measurement
  • For all bulk materials
  • Monitors the mass flow in solid handling
  • Adjustable sensitivity, damping, hysteresis and filter time
  • Easy installation by compact form
  • Process connection with welding nozzle

The FlowSwitch 510M is monitoring the conveying stream of solids. Failures and problems during the transport or feeding of powders, dust, pellets or granules can be detected early with this device. This helps prevent serious difficulties that can occur due to clogged piping, material loss, or other technical problems with the system.

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FS 510M/FS 600E flow switch for bulk materials

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