LC 510M Contactless level monitoring

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LC 510M Contactless level monitoring



Main Benefits
  • Reliable microwave measuring principle
  • Self-monitoring with additional relay
  • For level monitoring
  • Adjustable sensitivity, damping, hysteresis and filter function
  • Adjustment via 2 key buttons and bargraph
  • Easy installation by compact form
  • Process connection with flange, thread, etc. 

The measurement procedure of the LevelCheck510M is based on the newest microwave technology.
Therefore the sensor sends out a microwave signal.The signal is analyzed by the opposite receiver.
Material, which has built up within this field, put a damp on the signal effect. This is con-verted into aswitching process. The measurement is contactless.
Sensitivity, signal damping and hysteresis of the 
microwave barrier can be adjusted continuously
and exactly by use of the bargraph. This enables a variable determination of the switching point resp. a switching process for different process applications. 
The installation can be carried out within silos, bunkers, pipe systems or at similar transport facilities. The assembly is simple, economical and easy possible also afterwards. 

The microwave barrier LevelCheck 510M is designed for level monitoring of solids in silos, container, bunkers, shafts, etc.
Furthermore it can be used for: blockage-report, for counting piece goods or for positioning items.
The devices are certified up to ATEX Zone 20 and optionally authorized for a process pressure up to 25 bar.

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LC 510M Contactless level monitoring

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