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Smoke sensor

SD-50, the smoke detector with built-in micro processor, receiving signal from sensor and comparing it with preset alarming value, if it exceeds, transmits the relay output to be connected to PLC/DDC.

Usually, the other smoke detectors designed only for fire alarm cannot be used for industrial use because it cannot secure enough accuracy and stability.

However, SD-50 accommodating highest accurate ionization sensor and industrial detector technology, secures best accuracy and stability at the same time.

[ Features ]
 Low concentrated smoke detection
SD-50 is designed to secure safety for high sensitive industrial automation equipment which should be the best choice for detection up to 1% smoke density.
 Digital process: Built-in micro processor realizes various artificial intelligent functions which enable optimized detection and alarm system to maximize the detection effectiveness.
 Ionization sensor
Sensing the slight alterations of electric currency in sensing chamber when smoke meets the air ionized by small amount of radioactive material enables the highest & fastest accurate detection even up to 1% smoke density.
[ Specification ]
Model SD - 50
Detection principle Ionizations smoke chamber
Detection method Diffusion
Response time Within 3 seconds
Output Relay A (DC30V 1A), relay B
Input DC 22V~26V
Currency consumption Max 25㎃
Housing ABS
Operation temperature / humidity -20℃~ 65℃ / 0 ~ 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
Process Digital Process

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